Crackdown…At Sundown!

In this review The Prodigy destroys your ears with the masterful Music For the Jilted Generation (they know what they are talking about!). Excess, excess and more excess could be the motto of the little pearl who has been unfairly overshadowed by The Prodigy’s next offering. Just watch the videos for “Poison” or “Voodoo People” (original mix) to catch the nasty vibe the (then) quartet from Braintree trows in the air. Better yet, watch a live video of their performance of “Their Law” to fully understand the essence of what The Prodigy is and stands for. A raw mix of punk energy and guitars with the power of blast beat gives you the perfect recipe to make you want to crush your head against the wall!

The CD cover also stands on its own. “Break out of the social mold” could be an interpretation. The character presented seems to push his own physical limitation while screaming in frustration (or is it pure anger?) to break the barrier of sound. Whatever that may me, it is a perfect representation of the intensity of this record. Even a softer track like “3 Kilos” come with its fair share of claustrophobia… Also, Liam, we are glad you got a chance to finish this “fucking tune, man” (for fuck’s sake) and burst our eardrums with the savage beat of “Poison”. Only classics stuff here.

Hate, anger, power of the youth and violence, all crystallized in this masterpiece! Still a reference after all these years.


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