Knock ’em Dead, Kid! Knock ’em Dead…

"At" the devil, not "with" unconvincingly stated Nikki Sixx in several interviews. Mötley Crüe are not satanist people but "just a rock n' roll band (all right?!)". We are out to send "a positive message!". Sure, we believe him and also realize that he was a genius when it came to marketing and promoting his... Continue Reading →

Crackdown…At Sundown!

In this review The Prodigy destroys your ears with the masterful Music For the Jilted Generation (they know what they are talking about!). Excess, excess and more excess could be the motto of the little pearl who has been unfairly overshadowed by The Prodigy's next offering. Just watch the videos for "Poison" or "Voodoo People"... Continue Reading →

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