The Crüe Faces Adversity With Theatre Of Pain

Theatre Of Pain is an interesting album in the career of the Crüe. Released in June 1985, it cemented the Los Angeles quartet as one of the hottest act of the decade thanks in no small part to the Brownsville Station's cover "Smokin' In the Boys Room" and the power ballad "Home Sweet Home" that launched a trend for the remaining of the eighties.

Knock ’em Dead, Kid! Knock ’em Dead…

"At" the devil, not "with" unconvincingly stated Nikki Sixx in several interviews. Mötley Crüe are not satanist people but "just a rock n' roll band (all right?!)". We are out to send "a positive message!". Sure, we believe him and also realize that he was a genius when it came to marketing and promoting his... Continue Reading →

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